Boomerang Fish Tacos

Sometimes when I get home from work I feel like I’ve been smacked all day in the face with Lew Zealand’s boomerang fish.

Without going into any details, I’ll just say that the environment has become a bit toxic of late. Expertise and hard work are not as valued as they once were and it’s all left me feeling diminished and exhausted.

I fantasize about bursting into the place mic’d, with a full orchestra behind me singing that “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” Lana Del Rey song.

Most mornings I cry in the shower instead. 

3 thoughts on “Boomerang Fish Tacos

  1. P.S. Look at you all bloggin’ again and what not. You’re making me feel guilty for being a slacker.

  2. I love you! I wish I could take all the bad and mush it into some kind of glitter concoction that you could throw up into the air Rip Taylor style.

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