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So as I mentioned yesterday, Lars and I have been rewatching The X-Files. Please don’t judge me, but this is probably my 8 or 9th rewatch (at least of the first 5 seasons).

I started watching The X-Files the day it premiered in 1993 and I’m here to tell you that my 22 year-long genre television obsession began with Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and Little Green Men.

I taped episodes and rewatched them so many times, as I’m watching them now in HD gloriousness on Netflix, I fully expect to see the zippered, glitchy moments from my old VHS tapes at the exact moments where I wore the tapes ragged from rewinding certain scenes.

I saw the whole show through, even its sad 9th season where it tried and failed to go on with new leads… ppptttsh, as if.

With the show returning in January (as God intended with Mulder and Scully) it seemed like the perfect time to watch it again.

This go round I feel more attached, more nostalgic and more old than ever.

The pleated slacks, the not having a camera when there’s a fucking alien right in your face – the quaintness and problematic bullshit of the early 90s… don’t get me started on the episode where Mulder doesn’t believe a nurse who was raped by an old man’s astral projected ghost because… it’s. so. bad.

What’s made it more fun is watching along with Kumail Nanjiani’s fantastic podcast, The X-Files Files. Nanjiani (who you probably know from Portlandia or Silicon Valley) hilariously and with the love of a diehard fan discusses episodes, even diving into the archived early Internet chat groups for perspective on both the show and the culture at the time.

*Sidebar- I literally just watched Kryceck puke out black goo onto a buried space ship, because of course I’m watching it right now.

The podcast is great and i would recommend it if you’ve ever or never watched the show.

Kumail got to live the dream of any super fan when he was asked to take a part in the new season. 

So, yeah…go! Watch the X-Files right now on Netflix or Hulu or my old VHS tapes if you found them in a dumpster somewhere.

Tomorrow, a list of things and a recipe.

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