Lady Bits

It’s really been hard to get myself going today. Work has been unbelievably draining this week and all my brain can really handle in the off hours are Real Housewives and painting my nails.

Yesterday though – there was a rally to support Planned Parenthood at the Utah State Capitol and as a former Planned Parenthood patron, I felt I couldn’t miss it.

Our governor is currently refusing to send funds from the Federal government to Planned Parenthood of Utah, because – well, because he’s an uniformed ideologue and more importantly… a dick.

Planned Parenthood was the only healthcare I could afford as a college student and part-time, low wage employee between 1991 and 2001. They made it possible for me to have annual exams, pap smears and of course obtain the birth control I needed to manage my PCOS.

Let me be clear though, the only reason I didn’t need it for sexy-time purposes is because, I wasn’t “getting any,” on account of the giant shirts I used to wear… probably.

So, yadda yadda yadda – Angie and I put aside our extreme first-week-of-school-work fatigue made our way up to the capitol to let the governor know that we know that he knows that we know what we know.

I’m still tired and my old feminist bones hurt, but I’m really glad we went. I was happy and proud that so many peeps came out.

This same turd-like behavior is taking place all over. Please don’t let the creeps win.

Tomorrow, I’m taking a break. Friday – I’ll be back with a mix tape.


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