A list and a recipe 

1. I didn’t go to grad school. I had a major moment of clarity and backed out before the semester started. I thought about it and I really didn’t/ don’t want to be a librarian. Like…at all. 

When I realized my motivation was purely the will to not being politically bulldozed in a changing work environment, I thought…hmm, no. Not good enough. 

I do want to go back to school…I think, but for something I really care about. Or maybe not. Maybe I just want to sell coconuts on a beach… who knows?

2. I’m turning 41 in less than a month and I’m just….stunned?

3. This is the first time I’ve had color-treated hair since Y2K when my mom took me to a Steel Magnolias-esque salon in Georgia to fix my partially grown out black hair. “Truvy” dyed it back to my natural  brown or as close as she could get. The experience scarred me, but I’ve overcome my fears and brought back the golden tresses of my youth. *I’m not panicking about aging. I told you I’m turnin 41, right?

4. This is the shortest my hair has been since 2009. So far I’m feeling no regrets. 

5. I’m ready for it to be chilly. I’m so sick of sweating, guys. Sweating with no effort is possibly my least favorite feeling. I want to wear a sweater, a light jacket even. I want the wear moodier lipstick and darker nail polish and I want it to feel like Autumn. I want pumpkins and apple scented candles and a contractor to come and finish our back rooms while we’re at work.

And now a recipe: 

It’s not really my recipe. It’s a link to one that I really really like.

Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad

My friend Whitney’s sister-law made some or something very similar and she brought it for lunch one day. She was kind enough to share and I’ve been obsessing over this salad ever since. 

Tomorrow, a destruction report or makeup videos or a chat about hair products…I haven’t decided yet.

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