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So, I’m a little late on updating you with pics of our freshly painted living room.
I’m hoping I may be excused on account of working on it right up to the minute we left for Saint George and a most excellent Medley family Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration.
I’m also back at work this week and my “Don’t wannu” levels are high-high-code-red-holy-fuck-what-is-even-the-point-of-life-high right now.
But, alas – the living room is painted anew and about 90% of the pictures are back on the wall and shit be almost back in business.
Shrinking Violet living room 15747854269_283c0811b2_z 15748133497_cafdfe273c_zI really love this paint. The space is completely transformed. It’s bright, open and cheerful. The color is ranges in different light from a violet tinted off-white, to violet to straight-up pink.

It also manages to appear neutral despite being a fairly distinct color. Virtually NOTHING clashes with it. It looks great with reds, purples, orange, yellow, green… seriously, everything looks prettier next to it.

Last night we put out Christmas decorations. Our white tree (absent last year) is sadly on her last legs. She’s dingy, yellow in some spots, grey in others – most of her lights are burnt or burning out and are an obsolete style that can’t be replaced. It’s sad. She’s been a great tree.

The new color in the living room opens up our possibilities a bit more as far as having a green tree again. Something we could never do with “frog’s ass” green walls. It was seriously horrific, so much so, I might have to dig out some old photos for you.

But, for now 2014’s Christmas-scape looks like so…


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