Shrinking Violet

Lars and I have been over the green paint in our living room for awhile now. For me, it started when we picked up new couch covers that were billed as “taupe” on the Internet, but turned out to be closer to a dark khaki green- at least that’s how it looks next to bright green walls.
Anyway, painting sucks so I was willing to live with it, but last Friday I came home from work, sat down and just knew I couldn’t take it another month.
A while ago I brought home some paint samples for another room/ project, but one really caught my eye for the living room.
Pantone 11-2511 or Shrinking Violet.

Much to my surprise, Lars liked it too. The three of you who read this blog will already know that we hardly ever agree on colors, so… Shrinking Violet is like a Medley unicorn.
Yesterday I took down all of our pictures and tonight I’m pulling out nails and patching. These two tasks in particular make me long for independent wealth, so I could pay a handier person to do this for me. Because teeeeedious.
Saturday, we paint. I’m excited to like my living room again and to decorate a refreshed space for Christmas. *Did I just type that shit? Yes… yes I did.
Anyway- I’ve been making little inspiration collages.
Enjoy or run away screaming from the crazy lady trying to take her mind off of starting grad school.
Our current color scheme, also known as “A frog’s asshole.”


The new colors otherwise known as “ice cream.”

And with the couch color… “Neapolitan ice cream”

I’ll spare you all of the collages with different curtains… for now.

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