My endless crush on Mary Timony

In the mid-late 90s I bought a CD called The Dirt of Luck by a band called Helium. Helium was fronted by a beautiful, powerful and extraordinarily talented woman named Mary Timony. It was rock, but unlike anything I’d ever heard before. A little dark, a little spacey, very clever and distinctly feminine. It was also bad, bad ass.
Naturally it resonated with me on a spiritual level.
I sought out her earlier work in Autoclave, Led Byrd and an EP as Helium called Pirate Prude. I hunted down her most recent-at-the-time record, The Magic City at a local Media Play. Oh, the days before the instant gratification of digital downloads.
After Helium disbanded, Mary released a handful of gorgeous solo records and teamed up with Carrie Brownstein as The Spells and eventually Wild Flag.
I’ve followed her music faithfully over the years and while not every record has been my favorite, I’m no fair weather fan when it comes to this lady.
So, when Angie asked me if I’d bought her new record (Ex Hex – Rips!) last month, I was like, “Not yet, hang on a sec….” and instantly texted Lars to order the LP for my birthday.
From the moment the needle dropped on this record it was magical. I started dancing around the house and singing along like I was there when she wrote these songs in the pre-existence.
It’s seriously been a long time since a record has hit me like this. It’s exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. 70s pop-rocky, upbeat, melodic and again bad, bad ass. Think The Cars meets the Runaways meets The Go-Gos meets the Ramones, but better somehow.
So, of course I’ve made you a mix. One is all things Lady Timony- old stuff, new stuff (seriously, how beautiful is this woman??) Watch, listen, feel the power.
I’ve also put together a short mix of videos from the new Ex Hex, which I’ve listened to in its entirety at least once per day since it arrived.

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