Thinking about blogging

As I’ve grown to love the laziness levels allowed by Tumblr and the power of the “reblog” it’s made it hard to want to sit down and make myself type up some original thoughts.
So much has happened over the last few months; my mom visited and we partied.









Angie, Tracey and I made a mockumentary about the Pizza Ghost. #pizzaghost


I crocheted a granny square a day for an entire month.





And much much more.
These all could have been individual, adorable posts and they kind of we’re on Tumblr. See what I mean? Why doesn’t Instagram have a “share” function set up with WordPress? Wouldn’t that just make sense?

Anyway- I haven’t decided what I want to do exactly.

I’m trying out the new WordPress app on my phone, because if I’m honest that’s the real reason it’s so much simpler to “tumbl.”

I don’t have to pull out my laptop, find my charging chord, etc. I can do everything from photo and video editing to posting – right from my phone.

The old WordPress app was horrid, so I never got in the habit, but this new interface is promising so we’ll see.

I may even post twice today because I have flying anxiety and should be packing instead.

That’s how I roll.

One thought on “Thinking about blogging

  1. I think we need to go on an all expenses paid retreat to revitalize our mind grapes.

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