Blergh Blergh Blergh… Arrow, Crochet, Blergh Blergh Blergh

I was planning to be such a good little blogger and then I started crocheting a small blanket for my nephew and faaaaaaaaaaaaart. 

I clearly won’t be done in time to get it to him by Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped me trying. I finally finished the last of the blasted squares last night and started seaming the first bit together. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it too tight, but I’m hoping I can block it out a bit later. We’ll see.


While crocheting – Lars and I started watching Arrow. It’s on Netflix – just start watching it. We avoided it for ages because of the beefcake marketing, but it’s so good. It’s a bro-show, but it takes great care to not be sexist or racist…which, yay!

It’s based on DC Comics Green Arrow, has a diverse cast, smart writing, impressive action, and yes… lots and lots of shirtless workouts. It’s awesome.

I will also point out that the female characters are diverse and well developed (and get better over time). I don’t love a couple of the actresses, but the characters themselves are written well and for an action-hero show, they’ve managed to really avoid the “damsel in distress” cliche.

We started season 2 (which is broadcasting now) last night and they even talked about a new lady-heroine/vigilante in town (the Black Canary for my nerd friends) who is targeting misogynists. They said, “misogynists’ on a CW show!!

You will love John Diggle. Oliver Queen’s bodyguard and ex-soldier who becomes his BFF, moral compass and partner in anti-crime.

You will love Felicity Smoak; a whipsmart IT genius who joins “The Hood’s” team in the middle of the first season.

Lastly – despite yourself you will love Oliver Queen/ The Hood/ The Arrow. No – you will.

Basically, I want to hug every one of their over-chiseled abs.


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