Girl Down: A Big Freedia Primer and the best reality show you didn’t watch

I love Big Freedia. I’ve established that, right?
Known as the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia (pronounced FREE-da) is everything I love in an artist. She’s fierce. She’s funny. She’s outspoken and most winning when it comes to Big Freedia – she’s a big ol’ sweetheart.
Imagine how ecstatic I was to learn that Big Freedia was the focus of a reality show on the FUSE network
…(okay)… now think of how completely bummed I was to learn the season was already half-way over.

Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce wasn’t On Demand and wasn’t/ isn’t streaming anywhere online. WHAT?
Everyone should be seeing this. It should be played in schools and broadcast into everyone’s home 24 -hours-a-day like CSPAN. What’s wrong with the world?
I franticly set my DVR to record every episode I could. FUSE never reran the first 3 episodes, so I started with #4 and I’m here to tell you, I’ve cried tears of sweet-sweet love every episode since.
Big Freedia loves his mom, his friends, New Orleans and his fans. He’s impossible not to love back.
*Sidenote: According to his official bio, “Freedia is a he but uses the feminine pronoun for her stage persona,” so I’ll respectfully switch pronouns accordingly.
New Orleans Bounce just music speaks to me. I know I’m a white girl, living in Utah, but I grew up in south Florida in the 90s. I love hip-hop. My high school sponsored a “Pop that Coochie” dance during my senior year and no one in my family can hear a song from the “Miami Booty Bass” oeuvre without dropping down. Likewise, I can’t hear NOLA Bounce without…well, bouncing.
Big Freedia’s (and his BFF, Katey Red’s) style of Bounce has the added bonus of being misogyny-free. Her lyrics are about fun, positivity and empowerment. She’s like an azz-shaking-fun-coach encouraging us to shake our butts for our own enjoyment and not necessarily for the titillation of others.
Why more feminists aren’t canonizing Big Freedia is a mystery to me.
Okay, it’s mixtape time.
Before we get too deep, let’s warm up with a quick Booty Bounce Class, hosted by the Queen Diva herself. I’ve read that she’s working on a Bounce Dance instruction video and I will be buying it. “You already knoooooow!”

Now that our butts are all wobbly and ready to bounce like a basketball, I give you the ultimate Big Freedia youtube mix (with a little Katey Red thrown in because she’s essential). Just let her play and shake that azz.

Learn more a little more about Freedia in this short documentary.

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