Coo coo Bananas and Organizized

On Sunday I went crazy.

The clutter in my bedroom has reached extreme proportions. My closet is overflowing, my dresser is covered with nonsense… it’s an embarrassment.

I can’t even take pictures because it’s THAT humiliating.

It was too overwhelming a task to approach as a whole, so I’ve broken it down into three parts:

1. Epic make-up stash
2. Dresser and bedside table drawers

I pulled all 4 of the containers and bags containing my disturbingly sized make-up stash. Laid everything out on the floor with a garbage back and cleaning supplies for the stuff I wanted to keep.

I put Olympus Has Fallen on ye’ old Netflix and went slowly mad like Kurtz in Apocalypse now.


I couldn’t even close 2 of the bags. Shameful.
10812108794_68c50105e9I’d say I threw away half of my stash. It sounds wasteful (probably is), but it was all either old and too stupid to keep. I kept and cleaned all of my collectable stuff and separated everything by type.

I swatched everything iffy on my arm to see if it was a duplicate or dried up.10812234033_7ffa7b2b10 Stanley got really bored with me. I found these blue glasses that I’d lost 3 months ago and a festive dog necklace from our puppies’ Christmas grooming last year… IN MY MAKE UP STASH.

I got everything all organizized, but it has me really wanting one of these, so I can organizie everything in one container.

Olympus Has Fallen while being creepily jingoistic, racist and silly was the perfect move to throw make-up away to. Aaron Eckhart was the lamest, most ineffectual fictional president-in-a-crisis that’s ever existed.

I just kept thinking about how Harrison Ford’s Airforce One president would have reacted to him. I mean, Eckhart’s president literally made people in his cabinet give up their nuclear launch codes. The fuck?

Harrison’s prez would have kicked his cabinet members dead himself before he let them give up the codes.

Where was I?

10812238403_a281c89ca1Can you guess the origin of “organizized?”


2 thoughts on “Coo coo Bananas and Organizized

  1. I love when you get organisized. Also, I order you to wear those blue glasses every day of your life.

  2. I so wish I could have been there with you…in the shit, as it were. I love organizizing!!!

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