When I’m with you… (a mix tape)

Headed to D.C. in a few days and so, of course it’s mix tape time. I cannot wait to be away from work-drama and in the arms of our nation’s capitol. Pictures from Disneyland forthcoming (or just check ’em on my Flickr).

The End | Best Coast (dedicated to the inside of my squishy heart)

Washington, D.C. | Magnetic Fields

Washington, D.C. | Gil Scott-Heron

Legal—Illegal | Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger (dedicated to my general sense of fuckin’ A)

So Serious | ELO (dedicated to new lovers)

The Gambler | Kenny Rogers (dedicated to everything in the world)

Fire Myself | Mary Timony (dedicated to my lack of work enthusiasm)

Golden Boy | The Crabs (dedicated to my late 90’s nostalgia)

TGIF | Le Tigre (dedicated to you because you’re beautiful and your boss is an asshole)

Keep Me | Sarah Dougher (dedicated to my 1994 journal)

Pissed | Harlem (dedicated to my love for crazy drumming and garage sounds and my week without the Internet)

And I Remember Every Kiss | Jens Lekman (dedicated to making out in cars)

Let’s Go | Cannonball Jane (dedicated to getting up and going)

Tent In Your Pants | Peaches (dedicated to tents in pants)

Never So Big | Sia (from Here Lies Love) (dedicated to super, mega nice people… hippies)

Survivor | Destiny’s Child (dedicated to the library catalog)

This last one is, of course dedicated to my sweetie….

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