Makeover games for girls – A mix tape

Lateshoes has a new look! And to celebrate….a mix tape.

Since watching Whip It (which I LOVED) I’ve been listening to this Jens Lekman song on repeat. I love rediscovering a song after a long hiatus. It’s the ultimate crushy, lovey song without being twee or lyrically trite. I love it like a person.

Your Arms Around Me – Jens Lekman

Joe Jackson is so underrated.

Is She Really Going Out With Him

Heretic Pride – The Mountain Goats

In the spirit of my 90’s nostalgia I’ve pulled out these goodies.

Shady Lane – Pavement

Carnival – Bikini Kill

St. Ides Heaven – Elliott Smith

Queenie – Bratmobile

Fuck And Run – Liz Phair

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much this song resonated with me. Besides not being literally true.

Fortunately Gone – The Breeders

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