34 Years in 35 Songs *a Happy Birthday to Me mix

waterloo-abba 1974

mandy-barry manilow 1975

rich-girl-Hall & Oates 1976

police & thieves-the clash 1977

radio radio-elvis costello 1978

boys dont cry -the cure 1979

atmosphere-joy division 1980

our lips are sealed-the go go’s 1981

just can’t get enough-depeche mode 1982

blue monday-new order 1983

political song for michael jackson to sing-minutemen 1984

a pair of brown eyes-the pogues 1985

she’s an angel-they might be giants 1986

unhappy birthday-morrissey 1987

where is my mind-pixies 1988_

drug test-yo la tengo 1989

dirty boots-sonic youth 1990

graffiti-throwing muses 1991

safari-the breeders 1992

new radio-bikini kill 1993

falling is like this-ani difranco 1994

st ides heaven-elliott smith 1995

i feel alright-steve earle 1996

dig me out-sleater kinney 1997

two headed boy-neutral milk hotel 1998

hot topic-le tigre 1999

family tree-belle & sebastian 2000

mt. st. helens-mirah 2001

united we don’t-bratmobile 2002

so say i-the shins 2003

i don’t believe you 2004

upon this tidal wave of young blood-clap your hands and say yeah 2005

ballad of human kindness-the dears 2006

it’s been raining-kimya dawson 2007

think about it-flight of the conchords 2008

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  1. Happy Birthday to the best web-designing, drum playing, photo-taking, curse-flinging, blog blogging person I know. Happy Birthday, Tracy.

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