killing me softly with his thong

i don’t know how many times i can look at that male thong pattern on knitty without breaking down and making it. i mean its just sitting there being all nasty and disturbing. when i told lars (the boyfriend) that i might make it for him he gave me that look like, “you wouldn’t” which of course only increases my desire to make him something that would make him sick.

in other news, having made hat after hat after hat i’m in the mood to make something big and consuming. i’ve narrowed it down between two sweaters from Interweave knits (one of the only knitting resources where chubby girls with boobs can find non-mu mu like frocks to knit and wear) :marilyn & mockT

i’m no richie rich, so i’ve been bargain shopping for some debbie bliss cashmerino in egglant/purple on ebay… for the “marilyn sweater”…i don’t think i’m “audrey” enough to pull off the balerina pink. as for the veronik avery sweater, i think i’ve decided on some jo sharp dk in a nice wine color.

hopefully these new projects will bore my cats as much as the “Shrek hat” i attempted to make but, ended up being way to small for my ginormous mellon.

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