Testing… testing. Is this thing on

There is nothing like receiving a bill from your cloud hosting service to remind you that you pay $170 per year to have your own, self hosted blog and domain name annually. So, here goes.

Yesterday, Lars and I went out to dinner with our friends, the Patches. No, that’s not a pseudonym… anyway – we were talking about how dull we’ve all become. Nothing is new. Day in. Day out. What we’re watching on Netflix may change, but the rest? Eh, not so much.

Can that really be true? Is it just the plight of DINKs? Yes, DINKs. Dual Income No Kids. That’s really a thing. I’m not making it up. Is it our plight to feel dull and the same and like, nothing is ever really new or exciting enough to talk about? I like to think I’m still an interesting person, but with technology and endless streaming video and crafts to entertain me, I really have to push myself to feel like any of that is worth yammering about to anyone but my BFFs who are required by friend-law to listen.

On that note, too bad. I’m forcing myself to yammer.  Lars and I are currently watching The Good Wife and re-watching The X-Files. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about why you should be re-watching The X-Files too – and not just because it’s returning with a new season.

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