Fat Bitch: Week 4, Seeing Beauty in Other Fat Bodies

How to be a Fat Bitch E-Course, by Rachele at the Nearsighted Owl
My homework from week 1
My homework from week 2: Reclaiming the FAT word
My homework from week 3: Being Fashionable and Fat

This week’s assignment is:

Create a tribute to a fat body. Your fat body or somebody else’s. Make a papier mache figure, draw a silhouette  photograph your rolls, curate a collection of images of bodies similar to yours, etc.


I made a collage including just a few of the beautiful, lovelies who inspire and delight me.


How has seeing fat bodies in the media affected you? Like Adele, Gabourey Sidibe, Aidy Bryant from SNL, Beth Ditto, Melissa McCarthy, etc. Do you gravitate towards fat positive music, TV and movies?

Seeing fat bodies in the media has absolutely altered the way I view myself. I remember back in the early 2000s, watching Gilmore Girls and feeling so blown away that Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie St.James was “allowed” to be this interesting, beautiful, fashionable and talented character. As far as I remember her size is never an issue, plot point or even brought up at all. That was a game changer for me.

Don’t even get me started on Beth Ditto. Back in the day, I was literally the only fat girl playing music in my city. It was very isolating and scary. Reviews of my band often included invitations to “lay off the Twinkies” and such. In August of 2000, The Gossip opened for Sleater Kinney at the Bluebird in Denver and my entire universe shifted. 

I had never seen another fat woman own a stage like that, particularly not an “indie rock” stage. I’d never seen myself reflected that way before and it moved me to be braver on stage myself.

Fat visibility is so important. It’s such a gift to see fat actors, artists, musicians and bloggers be beautiful, strong, funny and brave.

  • I miss Gilmore Girls! I don’t think much was said about her size, it was just who she was and she was successful, loved and a good friend. Great post! Thanks for including me among such lovely fatties <3

  • lateshoes

    Thanks, Rachele!
    I think I may have to start re-watching Gilmore Girls…like right now. 🙂