Fat Bitch: Week 3, Being Fashionable and Fat

How to be a Fat Bitch E-Course, by Rachele at the Nearsighted Owl
My homework from week 1
My homework from week 2: Reclaiming the FAT word

This week’s assignment is:

Challenge yourself to wear something that you might have felt weary about in the past. Break up your routine with something different and you might open yourself up to some radical new styles!

This one was fairly simple for me. I’ve been experimenting with “fatshion” for a long time. I go through phases, but mostly I know what I like and what “works” for me.

But, when I read the assignment, I knew exactly where to challenge myself. SHORT SKIRTS and DRESSES. When I reached, uhhhhhh 35 or so I started to get a bit self-conscious about showing my thighs. I honestly can’t say if age or size was the greater factor, but I stopped wearing skirts and dresses that hit above the knee.

Last year, I got a few really cute shift dresses from Ross (Dress for Less, represent!), but I’d never worn them out of the house.

This needed to change. Last week, I actually made a mixtape over at On the Rag Mag to celebrate my reclamation of showing my thighs.


Admittedly, I’ve gotten a few sideways glances from assholes, but I’ve also gotten lots of compliments on my “cute dress” and “style.”


Do you have some fatshion tips to share? Please do!

1. Wear what makes you happy.

2. Fuck what anyone thinks. Fuck what’s “in style.”

3. Find fashion inspiration in unexpected places; movie characters, novels, your favorite feminist and/or social justice icon.

4. Find fashion inspiration outside of your own era. Combine a bunch of eras together.

5. Combine styles, patterns and colors in non-traditional ways.

P.S. If you asked for a “Fat” pin from me and haven’t received it yet… that’s because I’ve been a total scatterbrain and haven’t mailed them out yet. (((sorry))) I promise I will get them in the mail soon.

  • You rock that dress! Your legs are gorg. Also yes on this “Fuck what anyone thinks. Fuck what’s “in style.”

  • Tracy

    Aw. Thanks, lady!