Whatcha’ watchin?

I’m addicted to television. I’m not ashamed to admit it. If I don’t have at least 2 or 3 “stories” going at a time, I get antsy and my palms start sweating. It’s not pretty.

It suffices to say that my Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming accounts are used to their maximum capacities.

So, what are my current jams? What do I think? Where am I at?

1. Let’s start with Misfits. We watched the first episode of this at Melissa’s on her birthday. Both Lars and I were instantly hooked. Misfits is a UK take on the Superhero genre. It’s scary, touching, abrasive, violent, dirty, hilarious, and absolutely wonderful. The cast, writing and soundtrack are all above average… I love this show like a person. We just finished the 2nd Series Christmas Special. Watch the entire series so far on Hulu Plus


2. Supernatural. I’m completely caught up on this one and there isn’t a new episode until Wednesday. After 7 1/2 seasons, I feel like the Winchesters were my college roommates. We know each other so well.


3. Breaking Bad is an unbelievably good show that is almost unbearable to watch. It’s so good, but my stomach is in knots… always. We actually had to take a little break, it’s that intense. That said, it’s totally worth it and you should watch it. We’re near the beginning of Season 4.


4. Downton Abbey – Series 3. I’m only 4 episodes into this series (in the UK sense of the word), but I’m not loving it, if I’m honest. The first series was amazing. I watched the entire thing in three sittings. I couldn’t get enough. Series 2 was slightly disappointing, but I’d hoped this year would be different. Unfortunately some of my most beloved characters are turning into numb-nuts and it’s hard to root for them. I’m looking at you, Matthew Crawley. You are annoying the piss out of me.

I’m also really starting to worry about what the show is actually saying about class, gender and sexuality. I guess we’ll see.

*Update: I just finished episode 5 and am crying so hard I can’t breathe. Stupid.


What are ya’lls watchin?

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