My Celebrity Crushes: A Retrospective Part 1 – The 1970s

This list could get overwhelming, so let’s dive right in…

In no particular order:

1. Decker from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Stephen Collins). I was positive I was better for him than that weird, bald woman.  I also crushed hard on Stephen Collins in the Golden Monkey, but that’s for my 80s post.
PMS – get used to the Star Trek crushes, you’ll be seeing them in every decade.
deckerntrace2. Sonny & Cher, but mostly Cher. Obviously.
sonnycher23. Clark Kent/ Superman, but mostly Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve). Swooooooooooooooooon.

4. Miss Piggy and Gilda Radner. They were my icons. Obviously, I think.
Gilda Miss Piggy

5. Kermit the frog.

6. Donnie & Marie. I thought they were married, which is pretty disgusting actually. Whatever. Look at how gorgeous they are.
7. Grease. I was in love with everything and everyone in Grease. Still am. Suck it.

8. Han Solo. Who wasn’t obsessed with Han Solo? I mean…
Han_solo9. Kirk, Spock and McCoy. They were all at one time or another my true, true loves. I remember very specifically playing Blondie’s, “The Tide is High” 7″ on my Mickey Mouse record player and singing it straight into Captain Kirk’s soul.
If I got in trouble, my mom would punish me by not letting me watch Star Trek re-runs. My love and nerdiness ran deep.

10. Wonder Woman. I didn’t give a rat’s ass-cheek for Steve Trevor. How could anyone? But, Wonder Woman was the absolute be-all to me. I still think that Linda Carter was/is the prettiest woman in the universe.

11. Fonzie. I would kick a small child to have my Fonzie sleeping bag back, though having a crush on a 40 year old high-school student seems silly now.
Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 12.30.18 PM12. Spiderman in both live-action and cartoon form. When my family lived in Iran, I would watch Wonder Woman and the Spider-Man cartoon in Persian.

The theme music for both the cartoon and live-action still hold up like a witch.

  • I love, love, LOVE this list-almost as much as I love you. Which is lots and lots! P.S. I totally thought Donnie & Marie were married too. Ga-gross.

  • I TOO THOUGHT THEY WERE MARRIED!!! So probably every little kid did, right? I loved Steve Trevor because he was also in the Carol Burnett Show.

  • Tracy

    I loved him on the Carol Burnett show… but as Steve Trevor… waaa waaaa.

  • Your family lived in Iran?

  • Tracy

    We did. In 1977-78. We lived in Khorramshahr. I recently digitized some of my parent’s Super 8 film from when we lived there. I’ll try to put something up.

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