Messing with fonts

So, I was going to write you a real rad post, but then I noticed that one of the fonts I was using on my site (the only non-Google web font) was acting wonky in certain browsers. It was bugging me, so I obsessively scanned Google fonts for something snazzy to replace it, which led me to:


I love Sofia for her clean, non-tilted lines and cute flourishes. She’s dreamy without being cutesy. Google describes her thusly, “Sofia designed by Paula Nazal and Daniel Hernández, is an upright script font with some unconventional ligatures. It is a coquettish, friendly and versatile typeface.”

She is friendly. She is a Golden Girl after all.

Then I noticed that I’d used the replaced, naughty font in my header image… so, I hade to pop open Photoshop to add Sofia there as well. But, of course some of the colors were bugging me, so I had to mess with that for a minute as well.

Once I replaced the header, the Didact Gothic body font started looking weird with the Sofia/Amatic SC combination and so, the search was on again. I chose Quattrocentro Sans. I’m still not 100% on this one, but I think I like it.


Congratulations. You now know 1/100th of what it’s like inside my head.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Celebrity Crushes – when I present you with my top heartthrobs of the 1980s. And yes, one of the Corys will be there. Like, duh.