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Sherlock Cameos

Well, we finished re-watching Sherlock this week and I tried not to be in love…but, I failed. I love Sherlock. I love Watson. I love Lastrade. I love Mrs. Hudson. I love Molly. I love them all like tiny, baby animals.

sherlock and watson

Tonight, my plan was to go to bed early, but instead I spent the evening obsessively looking for graphics of the 221B wallpaper (shown in the image above) to use as wallpaper for my iPhone’s home screen. I found a pretty good replication and altered the colors in photoshop until I was satisfied. Here are my results and yes, it’s 2 a.m.


I can do great and unnecessary things when I put my mind to it. Look out world.

And in case you want to get me an extra-special fancy (and late, shame on you) Christmas present – you could buy me a few rolls of the “IN REAL LIFE” wallpaper for my actual walls. Why not? Wouldn’t I do the same for you?


You can download the wallpaper for yourself from my Flickr page.  Make sure you choose the highest resolution option (1600 x 1236) for best results on your phone or desktop.

  • I love you so very very much.