Christmas Double-live Gonzo: Part 2 TracyFlix

In addition to being totally lazy and anti-social, the Medleys have another favorite Christmas tradition – going to the movies until our eyes are blurry from all the IMAX and we can’t hear anything that isn’t recorded in THX surround sound.

This Christmas our intentions are ambitious.

1. First – there’s The Hobbit. Seeing this is pretty much a given. We are nerds. Martin Freeman is in it.

2. I really have no excuse for wanting to see this one other than I have crushes on both Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.

3. In addition to being a Tolkien nerd, I’m also a musical theatre geek, so it won’t surprise you that I plan to see Les Mis. I can’t tell if it looks good or horrible, but the commercials make me teary, so there’s that. Lars will most likely sit this one out unless I can work out some kind of Clockwork Orange situation.

4. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a little Tarantino violence.

5. And because I’m all intellectual n’ shit, I’m also going to see a documentary. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I watched all 6 and a half hours of the Paradise Lost documentaries, so I’m pretty interested to see what’s new/ different in West of Memphis.

What do you plan to see in the theatre this Christmas?