Christmas Double-live Gonzo Part 1: At Home

My perfect Christmas involves at least a week away from work, in my house marathoning movies or TV shows and exclusively wearing pajamas.

I make two exceptions for leaving the house:

1. Food. Obviously.

2. Movies. Obviously.

Last year we went down to St. George, which was super fun – but, this year – it’s back to basics. Fuzzy socks and “sleep bra,” … it’s you and me time.

This year I plan to watch:

1. Supernatural. I’m currently on 3rd season, but this Christmas I will see this baby through. I thought this show was kind of dumb at first, but I’ve grown love, love, love it. Jared Padelecki is always a bit of a McGoo, but Jensen Ackles makes up for pretty much everything.

2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy. A Medley Christmas Tradition.

3. Sherlock. Again. Required viewing. It’s sooooooooooo goooooood. Cumberbatch!

Also on the schedule are games of Farkle, Apples to Apples (dice version) and Parcheesi. What are you Christmas plans?

Next up….the movies I plan to put on shoes for.

  • Sherlock! Right? It’s like the greatest thing ever. The fact that ol’ Benedict is now being seen in big movies everywhere makes me happy – but it also pisses me off because it means season 3 of Sherlock is being pushed back. I reject that. My two older girls love Sherlock too. They giggle when he can’t keep his mouth shut and gets himself in trouble. I didn’t let them watch the season 2 opener – didn’t want to explain what a dominatrix is — but otherwise, they’ve seen them all and loved them.

  • Tracy

    Ugh. I know. How long can they expect us all to wait after that finale? They’re both so great, but Cumberbatch just blows my mind.
    The Salt Lake Film Society had a screening of the National Theatre’s (Danny Boyle directed) Frankenstein starring Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller. It was insanely good. Apparently, they alternated the parts of the monster and Dr. Frankenstein, which is just…something in an of itself.