So, I’m writing this post from my iPhone on a tiny futon mattress with Lars and both dogs snuggled up beside me.

It’s after midnight and all three of them are sawing serious logs.
The drive from Salt Lake to St. George seemed to go by faster than usual. Maybe because I was driving. Or maybe because we had the slowest start imaginable.
I was trying to pack, but couldn’t seem to get my brain organized, so I just kept cramming more into my bag. It’s a mess and I doubt very much that I have any matching outfits in there now.

I almost forgot my medications, my phone charger, a razor, my makeup bag…it was horrendous.

Once we left the house we still had to swing by a Target and grab something to eat.

When all was said and done, we were 2 hours behind schedule. It felt like we were moving through quicksand or the way you feel in dreams when you can’t seem to get anywhere and you’re sure you’re late to something or someplace.
But, I plugged in my iPhone and bombarded Lars with the most obnoxious playlist in the world, sang at the top of my lungs and thanks to drastically increased legal speed limits on I-15, made it here in 3 hours or so.

We ate some chili and gabbed with the family for a while.

I just finished an episode of American Horror Story, but that’s not why I’m still awake.

It’s so quiet here.

At home I sleep with a fan, a noisemaker and an air filter blaring. I have problems apparently.

Here it’s just the heavy breathing of my bedmates and the sound of my own thoughts.


I’m hoping all this touch screen typing will wear my brain out.
it’s worth a shot.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there are lots of things I’m grateful for. Tonight I’m most grateful for the three dudes on this futon with me.
And judging by that cheese, yep—my brain is shutting down in 5…4….3…..2……………………


  • This week has SUCKED it major. I have felt the same quicksand feeling and I want it to be over. I miss you and need your face.