Proud to be an ‘merican

I’ve taken a few days to talk about the election. To say the results were a relief is an understatement. No, I wasn’t busting out of my face with joy and tears like I was in 2008 (not at first anyway), but the knots in my stomach settled, I stretched my arms over my head and took a very deep and long sigh of relief.
The crying and the joy came later when President Barack Obama gave his victory speech, when I learned that every rape apologist douchebag had been defeated, every Marriage Equality amendement had gone the right way, that amazing accomplished women like Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Tammy Baldwin and Claire McCaskill won their races handily.
Fuck yes. Life is good. America is awesome.
I can finally stop downing Pepto Bismol shots. I can listen to right-wing radio nuts and laugh again. Order is restored. Hope is restored. I want to give the President a big ol’ bear hug and tell him I’m proud of him.

  • I know I’m a 35 year old grown woman and all, but is it really too weird for me to want him to be my dad?

  • Tracy

    No. I want that too. Maybe he can adopt us as a pet project after his second term is over.

  • I’m right there with you!