Non-stop party family tour 2012`

After a great Thanksgiving in St. George I immediately boarded a plane to Ft. Lauderdale to meet my nephew and hang with my fam.

I won’t go too far into detail about my first flight because I may never get on a plane again – I’ll say this – it was a “red-eye” and I got zero sleep because the man next to me never, ever, for even one second stopped wiggling. Urgh. But, I arrived alive – which is really what matters, right?

Side note: Florida is still muggy.

I’ve had a good amount of quality time snuggling with “The Munch,” which is what we’re all calling the baby. I’m not sure why or where it came from, but it fits because every time one of his cheeks are in sight I want to munch on them. He is ridiculously cute and expressive and I love him insanely already.

Back home Lars has been dealing with our ailing furnace. After walking through as much as he could with his dad, the repair guy came on Tuesday with the lamest kind of news – our 25 year old furnace was toast and we’d have to buy/ install a new one.


Thousands of dollars is just what I wanted to spend on something I wasn’t expecting.

It took all day for them to install it today, but it’s done and my animals and husband aren’t freezing their balls off anymore, so that’s worth it.
Tonight, I’m in my jammies at my mom’s house typing this and watching Vh1’s Greatest Child Stars while my mom sleeps in her Lazyboy.

I’m sleepy, but I want to break into her fridge for some Rice Pudding. I’ll let you know how that goes.


  • That sucks balls. I am sorry dude. At least you have a baby cheek to take it out on. Come home and I will let you munch on my cheeks all you want. OY. That sounds bad. Really bad. But take it how you want to, I will fulfill the promise, however it was received.

  • Tracy

    Yum. Melissa cheeks sound delicious.