I voted early

I voted early. On Halloween. Know why? Because I can’t think of anything scarier than “President Mitt Romney.”

I don’t think that Mitt is a bad man, I really don’t. I do think he’s a dangerous man – he’s dangerous because he doesn’t know and doesn’t care what it’s like to be anyone else.

The rare issues he hasn’t changed his position on show someone with a terrifying lack of intellectual and cultural curiosity. That is not a quality I want in the leader of the free world.

His lack of empathy and compassion for the poor, for women, for the LGBT community stops me cold. COLD, dudes.

And let’s talk about the economy for a minute, because I’m not just a “social issues” voter. Romney is dedicated to preserving economic inequity among the very rich and very poor, men and women and minorities. He has no interest in helping the average person, no interest in ending poverty (he said as much) and no plan to ask the wealthiest among us to give a bit more.

He thinks that it’s “immoral” to borrow money to pay for programs like FEMA, I think it’s immoral to leave fellow Americans to fend for themselves. Don’t believe me? Just compare the response to Katrina vs. what we’re seeing with Sandy.  The Bush administration, like Mitt Romney didn’t believe the Federal government should play a role in disaster relief, so Americans waited for days for help from the federal government. Louisiana could not handle that tragedy on its own, no state could. Now “Heckuva’ Job, Brownie” is criticising the Obama administration for acting too quickly?? Come again?

President Obama isn’t perfect. No politician could be, but he has demonstrated that he is a thoughtful and compassionate leader. He’s proven to be decisive and principled, even in the face a great adversity and criticism. He’s managed to stay positive amid racist (yeah, I’m saying it) attacks and bullying from a party that’s made obstruction its entire agenda.

So, vote. Vote early if you can. It feels great. The lines are short and if you’re lucky Boys II Men will be singing, “I’ll make love to you” over the PA like they were for me.

No one could vote for Mitt Romney with such a smooth jam playing.

  • So not fair. The county building didn’t have any sweet slow jams pumpin’ when I voted. They need to work on that.