Lateshoes has finally been removed from all of the blacklists it was put on after being hacked by crotch-gobblers.
Thank goodness.
Being hacked is so violating. I feel like they went through my panty drawer. Luckily in my panty drawer, both literal and metaphorical there are only granny panties to be found.
Black granny panties, but none the less.
I’m a little bit in awe of the extended (and by that I mean, it’s been going for like 2 weeks) Autumn we’re having here in Salt Lake. I’ve seen several stages of falling leaves in bright oranges, reds and yellows and I’m just not used to it.
There are typically only two seasons here: Winter and Summer. It’s either snowing and cold or so hot that you feel like you’re baking in a convection oven.
I’m happy for the “Halloween”/ knee-sock weather as long as I can get it.
I’m afraid that I’m jinxing it by even talking about it.
I’m sure it will start snowing tomorrow.