In a Nutshell – why you need to see Ghost Story 1981

Ghost Story is Fred Astaire’s last film and what a film it is. It starts out with maybe the strongest 15 minutes ever. Naked lady revealed to have zombie freak face? Check. Man and his penis hilariously fall out of window to their death? Check.
What happens after that is a largely baffling, often boring tale of a very pissed off lady ghost played by the Borg Queen herself, Alice Krige.
She has every right to be pissed as in the 1930s a pack of future geezers who call themselves, “The Chowder Society” (really) act all misogynistic and disgusting and eventually kill her.
Why she chooses to come back and haunt/kill them when they’re all in their 80s, having led full and happy lives? Or why her most sadistic ghost-jerkiness is enacted upon the young, non-Chowder-Society’d Craig Wasson and his twin brother also played by Craig Wasson is beyond me. It makes zero sense, but as much as my mind rebelled, my eyes insisted I keep watching to the bitter, boring end.
Xfinity/Comcast has this gem both On Demand and live streaming. If you don’t have Xfinity, I’m sure your library has this on VHS in the basement.

  • Why aren’t we leaving work to go watch this right now?

  • Tracy

    It’s an excellent question. Why aren’t we leaving work to get some Twist cones and watch this movie?