Good things I can’t tell you about


The Lateshoes family have some exciting news that I can’t tell you about.

I am not pregnant. Neither of us are running for political office. We aren’t moving and neither of us has a new job.

It is a great opportunity for one of us. It’s crazy, random and we’re both very excited about it.

That’s all I’m going to say for now.

You’ll know more in March. Can you take it?


  • I know what it is and I’m busting. Busting!

  • March? What the hell is wrong with you? March. How about now?

  • Let’s start a dis-information campaign. Like that you are finally being funded to go to the backwoods of Colorado to find Sasquatch once and for all.

  • Tracy

    or to find the lost city of Atlantis to prove the existence of mermen. I’m very excited.

  • march!? thats so far away.

  • Tracy

    I know. I’m eeeeevil.