Discovered Emails from 2008

To Tawnya:

Are you there?

Do you want to leave early?

I’m writing you from the toilet.

Someone just pulled out more toilet paper than I’ve ever heard anyone  

use in my whole life….and they just pulled out more.


To Angie:

Uhhhhh…. your desk is haunted. 


To Tawnya:

It’s very true. 

It is my dream, that one day – all work will be done from home. 



To Melissa: (re: Estelle Getty’s death)

Oh no! I just watched Mannequin the other day.


To Angie: (re: Estelle Getty’s death)

I think we need to eat some cheesecake in her honor. Quick.


To Tawnya:

That Dildo guy is in there.



To Angie:

I’m still a little bummed that Lady Twist got eliminated. I think that was kind of a hack job actually because she’s a way better rapper than some that are left. 

Even though – they were right that her “16” didn’t really give enough detail. Still. 





  • and I remember it all like it was yesterday

  • The pain of losing Estelle is like a scab on my heart that really never will heal. Let’s watch Mannequin this week.

  • Tracy

    We have to watch Mannequin and soon.