You may have noticed that Lateshoes.com was down for a few days…or maybe not. Hello? Is anyone out there? Well, while I was on a wonderful, quickly planned vacation in Los Angeles I was informed that my server had been hacked and was sending out malicious goo. Enough malicious goo that I’d been blacklisted.

Vomit, I thought. What meanies, I thought. Who would want to hack harmless, little ol’ me? What did I ever do?

So, the night I got back from vacation, I began the long, arduous slog of cleaning up my server. There was all kind of nonsense. Some hidden…hidden files, coded in Russian were the culprits. Luckily, I deal with servers and code for a living. I have no idea what a non-IT professional would do under these circumstances because it took me 3 days to fix, clean up, add new firewalls, change passwords and beef up my security by about 10 million. So, suck it jerks. I mean, please don’t hurt me.

I go sleep now.