Vintage Lateshoes: August 17, 2009

In honor of the season end of Mad Men and season beginning of True Blood. I bring you a love letter from August, 2009.

Only 4 days until my sweetheart is home.
I’m excited. Elated. Unbelievably ecstatic. I can’t believe both how quickly the time has flown (now that it’s almost over – I had a completely different take a month ago) and how slowly it’s dragged on.

One thing is certain – I would not have made it through this without the help, love and entertainment from my friends.

But, there’s another group of people I have to thank – and yes, tv people – I’m talking about you.

The Jewel in the Crown, of course – 1984 BBC television event – based on Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet. Daphne, Sarah, Guy and Hari – I couldn’t have done this without you.



You bastards. I’m still angry with you for making me feel human emotions.

Capt. Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Rhys. I love you guys.



torchwood season 3 cast

Mad Men. You fucking bastards. I love you all like people. Every bloody one of you. Even you, Pete. You fucker.


And last, but not least – my beloved True Blood. You snuck up on me earlier this year. I wanted to hate you, I really did – but, no, you had to make me drink your blood and become unnaturally attracted to you. Dammit. I love you so.

Bill – I love how you always deliver one line in such a way as to make iced tea spew forth from my nose.

For instance:

Lafayette and Jason- well, duh. I love you for everything.

Jessica, Hoyt, Sam, Arlene, Terry, Tara, Sookie, Steve…. I want to give you all big, gigantic hugs.

Eric – well, now Eric. It’s best I keep my feelings for you private. Eh hem.

Seriously True Blood, I love you – even if you’ve turned me into yet another “Vampire” loving, wannabe fangbanger. Sigh.


I owe you all so much for making me laugh, cry, worry and obsess about something other than my best friend being thousands of miles away. I owe you, like big time.