Remember how I was going to totally finish the 30 Day Drawing Challenge? Well, guess what – I’m going to. So, it took me 60 days? I really don’t need you judging me.

Here are some things I’ve been meaning to tell you:

1. GIRLS‘ first season is over and I feel a little like I’ve lost a limb. Even though it’s a show about girls more than a decade younger than me, living in New York City – I saw myself, my oh-so-pathetic and wonderful younger self – in nearly every episode and in every character.

Hanna’s relationship with Adam hit so close to home, I want to bury my head in my pillow and laugh/cry/puke. Sexual dysfunction, obsession, bizarre expectations, misunderstandings, abuse, self-doubt, un-returned messages & feelings…. daaaamn, those days were rough. If the show wasn’t so damn funny, there’s no way I could have watched it without dying.

I feel like summer camp is over and I’m going to miss my friends terribly until next year.

2. I’m working on a project that I’m super excited about. I’ll be able to tell you more details very soon. Just know –  if you like knowing my weird opinions about things – you’ll like it too.

3. I think my insomnia is temporarily cured, which is why I’ve had a hard time blogging. It’s hard to find time to write when you take a nap at 6, make dinner at 7, work on some projects from 8-9 and want to go to bed by 10. What’s gotten into me? I’ve been sleeping sooooo much.

4. I used to hate California, but seriously – since going there in March, I fantasize daily about living there in a nice house near the beach. Someone make me richer, because if I moved there for real, I’d be living in a slum behind a Ralphs and a porn shop.

5. Lars and I took our favorite guitars (and my bass) to be tuned up after not being played for years. I haven’t touched mine yet, honestly – I’m still a little afraid to pick them up, but I’m also excited and it’s going to happen. Any suggestions for cover songs I should try to learn? I’m obsessed with covering Grace Jones’ Bullshit, Halo by Beyoncé and Blame it on the Bossa Nova by Eydie Gormé, but I’m open to suggestions.

6. I miss my family. I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but my sister is knocked up and expecting a little dude to claw his way out of her crotch area around Halloween. I’m going to be an aunt! It’s weird. I know I’m going to love this kid and I’m going to be super sad to not be able to see him all the time. Boo. Why hasn’t anyone invented and transporter yet? Stop making dick drugs, assholes. Get on that shit.