Tired Challenge – Day 5: Is it over yet?

Tomorrow is the last day of that conference I mentioned and man – am I ready for it to end. Being at a conference in your own town is truly the worst of both worlds.
Tonight – I had to have some chill time with my ladies for sanity purposes and as a result, I’ve totally bum-fucked my drawing challenge for the day.
So pretend that tomorrow is today or yesterday. Whatever makes you happy.
In lieu of a drawing, I give you a quick mix of songs I can’t stop listening to.

Robyn – I know – it seems like an unlikely choice if you don’t know me well enough to drive around in my car and experience my deep love and obsession with good pop music. This song has been on mega repeat since it was used to close out an episode of Girls last week. I realized that it was the song I’d tried to force myself to remember from the Leslie Hall dance party a few months ago.
At the end of the episode, Hannah and Marnie dance away their respective shitty days to this song and that’s exactly what Angie and I did together at the dance party. That episode resonated hard core with me and so for right now, this is my Angie/BFF song.

Given all that she’s gone through of late, I have to admit I was terrified to listen to this Sinead record. Happily I can report that it is AMAZING. Lars put in on a few Saturdays ago and I can’t stop listening to it, absorbing it into my pores. I love it so much. These three songs in particular just do it for me. Majorly.

This one isn’t a song -it’s s preview of a documentary about Kathleen Hanna that I’ve watched about 900 times so far.

This Rupaul video is how Ian and I ended our last presentation. We actually embed it in our Powerpoint. It was lost on the masses, but we had a good time.

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry I missed yogurt times. I was a fucking mess.