Simplified Misogyny Template (a Mix Tape)

My old design was bugging me batty – so, I’ve simplified things, probably to the point of being boring, but for right now the clean, new layout is pleasing me. We’ll see how long it lasts.
I’ve still got a few bits to style, but I seepy and would rather spend my last few waking moments making a funny mix tape of the insanely sexist songs that came up on shuffle – on my own iPhone while pulling weeds today. –continued after the jump–

And just for scuz, some others that didn’t happen to come up on shuffle today, but deserve to be in this mix.

  • Love the new look (especially all the buttons up top, gonna have to steal that idea)!! You are wonderful.

  • Tracy

    YOU are!
    Thanks – Why does changing a blog theme feel like taking a really nice shower?