Hope and Tavi Gevinson

I posted this video on Facebook, but I thought I’d go into a little more depth here – I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a kid, if I’m even able. I’ve been dealing for a long time with the concept of living a childless life and while it’s certainly a painful thing and not something I’m willing to go into too much depth about here – I have been “coming to terms” with the possibility of never being a parent.

My pain is mostly abstract. I love being able to do whatever I want. I love being selfish and self-involved and I don’t think I need to become a parent to evolve or be all I can be or any of the million cliches surrounding motherhood. I’m a full person, with a busy, challenging, wonderful life filled with people I love.

As the wonderful Latrice Royale once said, “I looked across at Miss O’hara, and i realized that she was ugly. and i am at peace with that.”

When I imagine what a kid of mine would be like, this is it.

Smart, fierce, funny, adorable. It’s what I hope for anyway.
If you don’t know about Tavi Gevinson, you can read her blog, Style Rookie or her Teen online magazine, Rookie.