Drawing Challenge – Day 16: Inspiration

Today’s challenge wasn’t hard because I’m currently obsessed with the idea of rocking a “fatkini” this summer. For the uninitiated, that’s just a bikini, hugging the body of someone not who is not considered skinny enough to expose their flesh to the sun or the unwilling eyes of strangers.

Now – let’s be clear – I’m not talking about jamming a giant body into a teeny-tiny, string bikini (though that’s cool too if you’ve got the confidence to do that look) – I’m talking about wearing a well made, well structured, well fitted suit. Structure is key and it’s actually one of the main reasons that chubbier girls should consider trying a two-piece.

Let’s talk about knockers for a second, we can even talk about mine. They’re huge. And with a one-piece I’m typically stuck with two choices; freeballin’ or smashed. Both choices blow. Many bikini tops are made by the same companies who make the bras I wear and they come in my very specific, hard-to-find size. 38G European, if you must know. That means support without smashing – I could cry. Also, in recent years more of these companies have caught on that larger ladies want stylish and flattering options when it comes to clothes and swimwear (okay – European companies have caught on) and we just have so many more options than we used to.

I love swimming, but have always felt somewhat limited in cute, vintage inspired swimsuit options – but, no more.

I started seriously considering this whole thing after one of my favorite fashion bloggers, GABIFRESH recently posted pictures of her gorgeous self on vacation in an adorable “fatkini” and it almost made me weep with joy. She looks beautiful and she’s my size.

My eyes pulse a multitude of cartoon hearts in her direction.