When I get through with you, there won’t be anything left

This was going to be a productive week, but then…..

I got sick. Pish. Posh.

Wednesday morning I felt fine. By 1:30/ 1:40, while in the middle of leading a hands-on training session for a new library system, I started to feel unbearably hot. By 2 o’clock my throat felt funny, so I ran back to my office for some water. I drank 2 liters in 2 minutes and still felt thirsty. Oh, it’s allergies I thought, my mind growing ever foggier. 3 o’clock – I said the words out loud, “I think I’m getting sick.”

I spent the entirety of Thursday on the couch in a semi-delirious haze. I sort of watched Night of the Comet. I slept through The Gate. Then I remembered that I’d recently re-watched the 2004 Battlestar Galactica mini-series/pilot, so I dove snotty head first into the first season episode, 33 and didn’t look back. I barely noticed when Lars got home from work because shit was seriously going down on the Galactica and the Tylenol Cold & Flu had taken over the right side of my brain.

By this morning the plague had moved from my sinuses to my throat. This always happens to me. No matter what type of crud I’ve got, I get one day of agonizing sinus pain that feels like someone’s punching me in the neck with a flamethrower every time I swallow and then another full day of sore throat. I’m so lucky.

I made it through half of season 2 Battlestar and I managed to shower and put on bra, so I’m obviously feeling better.

Two things: Battlestar is awesome. Tylenol Cold tastes like shit.


  • Tracy, I love you, I want you to live!