Making plans

You guys I want to revamp the front of our house. Here’s what I’m thinking –


Here’s what she looks like now –


Here’s what it will take. Other than the door, hardware and installation it’s not too expensive at all. We probably could install the door ourselves, but knowing our house, if we really want it to work be even and air tight, we should leave it to the pros.

Now I just need tons of time and patience. Don’t got.

  • You can do it! One piece at a time, you could give your house a facial by the end of the summer, probably sooner. get your door done first, then work on plants, and figure out shutters last. I will be your cheerleader.

  • Shannon

    And don’t forget that you have sick and demented friends that love to help with this kind of shizz…..

  • Cute!!! Do it!