Drawing Challenge – Day 6: Favorite Character ( from a book, but whatever)

Okay, today I just wasn’t inspired to draw a haggy book character – snooooore. I think I mentioned that I’ve been rewatching Battlestar Galactica and honestly, I’m girl-crushing something awful on Starbuck.
I think she is without a doubt the most compelling female character ever on television and I love her like an actual person.
Also- lets talk about my nerdiness for a second. I started sketching this earlier and thought I would draw her like a locket portrait, but once I got to the coloring process, I couldn’t quite figure out how to make that happen so I just started filling in colors and then I noticed something…. I’d just drawn her inside the “Eye of Jupiter.”
For those of you who haven’t watched the show, first of all – watch it – secondly, the Eye of Jupiter is a central image that follows the character throughout the show and eventually leads her to her destiny and all of the remaining survivors of the 12 colonies to Earth.
I’m getting a nerd tears-boner just thinking about it.
Anyway – here she is in a locket in my heart.

Created with SketchBook Pro for iPad.


  • Dear Tracy, Please play drawsomething with me so that we can make fabulous drawrings together in a game like setting. Okkkkkkk?