Poll Dance

1. Mood: Moody. No, really – I’m not even trying to be a smart ass.

2. Your makeup style in three words: Vintage, bold, natural

3. If you were to move to a big city, which city would it be? When I move to Chicago, I’ll probably want to move to New York.

4. Do you have a personal motto? “It’s Globes week!”

5. What’s your dream job? Designer, Makeup Artist, Back up singer

6. Your favorite part of your job? Working with people that make me laugh.

7. What’s the first makeup or beauty tip that comes to mind? Clinique Gel Liner is your friend.

8. What’s the first non-beauty tip that comes to mind? Don’t be a dick.

9. What are you wearing? Navy Nightgown

10. Weekly goals: Skip work on Friday and sleep in. Can that be a goal? Um, make a hit pop single. Finish Veronica Mars, season 3. Eat my weight in LunaBerry.

Photo via: Fancy Frills

  • Shannon

    What is this luna berry you speak of???

  • this actually made my mouth water. I was just yogurt.