Live-blogging thirtysomething Season 1, (the pilot)

Holy balls. thirtysomething season 1 is on Netflix “watch instantly”??????!!!!

I’m watching it right now! It’s like being in heaven. Or the late 80’s. Or Fall semester 1997 when I failed a class because I had to watch thirtysomething every morning at 9, instead of learning about “Colonial Literature” or something.

Whoa. Mike and Hope are having creepy sex.

The high-wasted, Z-cavaricci, pleated pants are freaking me out. They all look like they’re carrying around this morning’s dump in the their shorts.

Watching this as an actual “thirtysomething” is fuh-reaking me out.

Did you know that single women can no longer hang out with their friends with babies because babies are loud and annoying?

Melissa is wicked hot.

Elliot just admitted to Michael that he cheated on Nancy and I mentally kicked him in the nuts and then gave him a hug, cos that’s what this show is like.

This is nothing at all like being a thirtysomething in 2010. Our shoulder pads are ponytail holders aren’t nearly big enough.

I think that Michael and Gary have some real homoerotic tension.

The music is…. awesome….terrible. I can’t decide.

That was fast. On to episode 2….Hope’s parents come to visit and she acts like a total bitch. Stupid Hope.

  • This warmed my heart ohhhh so much.