What work looked like last year

I was organizing my photos on Flickr, when I came upon this beauty. This face is expresses exactly what it felt like to have the job I did at the time.

There were certainly a few drawbacks to leaving that job behind – not seeing the very dear friends I made there as often is really the saddest and most pressing of my woes, but really for the job itself, I cannot complain.

My friends have moved on as well and when I think of us, together in the trenches, I really miss it. Not the trenches so much, but the bonds we created while trudging through them. My friend Lisa saw me make this face, probably countless times and even though I’m sharing it with all of you she’ll understand it better than anyone.

work face

  • I suppose I did see you make that face….but the face was you and you’re you no matter what shitty job you do. 🙂

    Sheesh, what a difference a year makes, huh?

  • Correction: by “shitty job you do” I wasn’t referring to the job you specifically do, but the job itself that you did then. I hope that’s clear…