Just can’t get enough

Sometimes I wonder how pissed off the members of Joy Division and Depeche Mode would be if they knew how much their music made me giggle with delight.

There was a time when I took the opening bass line of Transmission more seriously than my gigantic t-shirt collection and crunchy bangs. I would push play on my Sony discman and rock that shit with utterly disturbing levels of seriousness.

Now when that song pops up on my iPod, I find myself uncontrollably grinning from ear to ear. I turn it up and sing along and smile my brains out.

Driving back to work after a particularly lonely and depressing lunch at the park, Enjoy the Silence radiated from my crackling Subaru speakers and changed my mood entirely. I mean, Depeche Mode put me in a good mood, y’all!! And I guarantee you, Master and Servant would have made me even giddier.

I’m getting so old.

  • Jimi

    That “Transmission” bassline is probably one of the best EVER. If not the best. I love that frakking song. I really love the opening of “Waiting Room” by Faguzi also.