I really want to be negative right now

The Wire

Positive spin: Lars and I are finally caught up with the current season. We watched 5 episodes in a row last night alone – (It’s like crack, what do you want from me?)

Negative spin: Omar?! Really? But, I… but… really?


Positive spin: Having my own car is totally convenient.

Negative spin: Speed traps at the bottom of a big hill and the $82 ticket I just paid – they suck my balls.


Positive spin: Best job I’ve ever had.

Negative spin: “Content Management” sucks my balls.


Positive spin: It’s really not that bad and I’m actually losing some blubb.

Negative spin: I would take a human life for an éclairs from The Bakery.

New TV

Positive spin: Basically this tv is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned.

Negative spin: Post upgrade, my Tivo won’t talk to my HD cable box…and basically a life without Tivo is not a life worth living. (At least once you’ve gotten used to it).

Positive spin 2: Melissa is going to come over tonight to work some of her super-electronic-magician voo doo on that shit. She’ll make them talk, yes, she will.

  • Hey Dude! Your Tivo is fixed and your are super hot! So be cheery or I will make you call comcast and talk to your new BFF.

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