I’ve got sugar in the fuel lines – both of us do

I’m sitting in the MultiMedia Center, typing on a foreign computer to pass the time while waiting for yet ANOTHER meeting. I absolutely love my job and have never been happier to do something for 8 hours a day, but would someone let me do it?! Ugh. It’s my own fault – I agreed to be on these committees – because that’s what people who want to get ahead do – and I know I wouldn’t even have the sweet job I do now – without being a committee-bitch – but, STILL.

I’m tired. I’m sick and I’m cranky and I’d rather have trolls nibble on my girl balls then go to another meeting right now.

This weekend was such a bust. All of our good intentions to FINALLY sand the floors went out the window Friday night when the sniffles, headaches and body aches began. I’ve made all sorts of commitments in my head to get tiny parts of the project done during the week – I could easily start filling in the holes, repairing the messed up planks etc… but, will I?

What it all boils down to is this: I have to finish this bloody project – my brain needs a place of peace and beauty to detox. I’m so tired of the constant loop of plan, avoid, guilt, plan, avoid, guilt. So. very. tired. I want time and brain space to be creative again. I want to write things, make things, sing things – but all of that energy is bogged down in this one place and I’ve got no one to blame but myself.

Of course all of this could just be the Theraflu talking. Shut up, Theraflu!

  • Kinza

    You need some ‘me time’. Go get a facial. I’m rooting for you and your floors! You can do it! And then we’ll celebrate with some chocolate martinis!