just another manic monday…whoa oh oh

after a weekend filled with pumpkin carving and movie fests you’d think that work would be a joy to come to… wait, no you wouldn’t.

i spent the better part of yesterday working on the pink beret. i’m on about the third row after the increases, which quite honestly threw my momentum right out the window, leading me straight to the size 10 1/2’s and a much easier/ faster project… le Chic Beanie. yes, even after my solemn vow to only knit for myself this year, i’m well into the middle of another “gift-knit.” ok, ok… it’s not for a birthday or christmas, so it doesn’t have to count, right?… right? i just figured since i knit a hat for kevin, its only fair that his wife, the lovely anita get one as well. see, they are adopting two children from kazakhstan and will be going there in the dead of winter. they need hats…, its called rationalization people, work with me.

at any rate, i started this puppy up during Red Dragon (ed norton’s blonde hair was waaay scarier than ralph feinnes fake hair lip could ever be)…and worked right through The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. (this movie truly rules!)

this weekend reminded me how much i LOVE the autumn. not that we get much of an autumn here in the salt lake city… but still. lars made chocolate chip cookies, which made the whole apartment smell like, well, cookies. fall rules. work sucks.

  • ShanPatch

    And let me say that Lars makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies on the planet! Better than mine by a longshot. But he still has nothing on my pumpkin bread.
    Which, by the way, I think I still owe you a batch…