i get by with a little help from my friends…and t.v.

so, i FINALLY finished Alex’s Vertical Dropstitch Wrap! i used some Paton’s “divine” that i inheritted from lars’ mom. (she’s allergic to wool…lucky me!) so, i would like to personally thank both ANTM (that’s what us junkies call America’s Next Top Model) and the presidential debates for giving me the kick in the ass that i so desperately needed to finish the last 4 rows that have been waiting about 2 months to be completed.

in other news, i really have to thank the lovely and awesome Carrie of carrioke.com for explaining button stealing and bandwidth issues to me …and for proclaiming me “not an a-hole.” she really did save me from being that new neighbor who pisses on everyone’s front porch before she even says “hello.” shwoo. thanks carrie. 😉

in closing…i have to admit that i find john kerry sort of sexy. am i alone? it could be all of that 1970’s footage of him testifying before the senate committee being all “power to the people!”… i have no idea but, rerrrrr.